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LANCheck™ Online Review

Microchip’s LANCheck Online Review is a personalized, value-added service exclusive to Microchip and available at no charge to customers who have selected our Ethernet offerings for their application design-in. LANCheck will support your design process by providing guidance through the complete design cycle – from initial schematic design to PCB design.

After an initial LANCheck registration, you may submit your design schematic, PCB layout, or PCB routing design to a confidential and secure environment. It is then promptly analyzed by Microchip’s engineers who will provide you with personalized feedback.

Follow these steps to use the LANCheck Online Review Service:

Register for an Microchip account using the link: Register or simply use your account if you already have one, signing in at: Support Login.

  • Schematic
  • MagCheck®
    Magnetics Support
  • Layout
  • Routing
  • Additional
Use the Schematic Information link to download the schematic checklist, EVB schematic and OrCAD® symbols for the SMSC product you are using. This area also includes design hints and application specific schematic guidelines to give you assistance with creating an accurate schematic.

When your schematic is complete, you can submit your design to the LANCheck Online Review* or proceed to the MagCheck Design Verification tab above.

If you are starting a new LAN design or looking for alternate vendors for existing magnetics, use the Magnetics Listing web tool to obtain a custom listing of qualified or suggested magnetics for any SMSC LAN Device. Enter your specific SMSC part number and a few parameters dictated by your application and this program will provide you with a list of Ethernet magnetics sorted by vendor name.

Once you have decided upon a particular magnetic for your SMSC device or if you need to check an existing combination, use the Magnetics Verification web tool to verify if that combination is correct for your application. Enter your specific SMSC LAN device, a magnetics vendor and magnetic part number and a custom report will be generated.

When your schematic is complete, you can submit your design to the LANCheck Online Review*.

The Layout Information area provides details about critical layout issues related to SMSC’s LAN devices, package footprints, and general layout design guidelines, which can be shared with your PCB designer to optimize the layout of your board.

Upon completing your layout design, you can submit it to the LANCheck Online Review*.

Use the Routing Information link to learn about critical routing issues associated with SMSC’s LAN devices and find information on routing traces differentially and on power and ground planes in a PCB.

When your PCB routing design is complete, you can submit your design to the LANCheck Online Review*.

Design Guides – This area contains reference documents addressing topics such as circuit suggestions, overall design guide checklists and design problems to avoid.

Test Procedures – These documents provide information for the testing phase of your design cycle to help you determine if your Ethernet design is industry compliant.

EMI/FCC Troubleshooter - Refer to this area early in your design process for EMI/FCC design guidelines to help your EMI/FCC testing go smoothly.

ESD Troubleshooter – Refer to this area for guidance on designing-in ESD protection early to avoid related problems at the end of your design cycle. The documents in this area include ESD guidelines and ESD troubleshooting information.

*The LANCheck Online Review is subject to SMSC's Program Terms and Conditions and requires an E-services account for access.